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FirstClose clients have seen an 80% reduction in turn times and can reduce costs by an average of 40% and as high as 80%.

Benefits Of Our Loan Closing Services

  • Increase automation on refi and home equity loans
  • Reduce processing turn times
  • Decrease loan closing times
  • Financial protection and security
  • Consolidate vendors
  • Standardize workflow
  • Leverage and integrate with existing LOS
  • Reduce human error and duplicate data entry
  • Increase employee production level
  • Minimal training needed for platform
  • Scalable solution for demand
  • Improve consumer relationships
  • The FirstClose Report offers Title, Flood and Valuation data in a single file that is customized to include the service level that you need from the vendors of your choice. Please see our list below of service options.

    • Title:

      Our patent-pending instant property report delivers everything you need, including protection coverage. Our title options:

    • Property / Title Report

      Our instant property report provides current mortgages, liens, judgements, transaction history, vesting information and tax status. We provide an instant PDF copy of the Deed when available, otherwise, legal and vesting in text format is available within 1-5 days.

    • Mortgage Loan Report

      Our Mortgage Loan Report (MLR) is typically delivered when county data is not available online and our instant property report is unable to deliver results. The MLR is a credit-based report that also includes the same protection that is provided in our instant property report.

    • Manual Property Report

      In lieu of a Mortgage Loan Report (MLR), a manual property report/title search can be performed to obtain real property information directly from the county.

    • Valuation:

      We have various valuation options to fit your guidelines; they can be ordered within a FirstClose package or a la carte. Options:

    • AVM Valuation

      An AVM is an Automated Valuation Model. The valuation is completed automatically by the system based on a programmed algorithm that determines the value of the property and is delivered back instantly.

    • Desktop Valuation

      The Desktop Valuation is an Evaluation using interactive, analytical methods and automated valuation tools. These evaluations are completed by an in-house team of licensed, real estate valuation specialists and are delivered within two business days. You can also choose to have this desktop completed and signed by our in-house licensed appraiser.

    • Property Condition Report

      You can order the AVM or Desktop either with or without a Property Condition Report which includes a full exterior inspection of the property and current photos from each angle including address verification.

    • Drive-By or Full Appraisal

      You can choose to have your drive-by and full appraisals completed by an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) or select your own appraisers (for additional cost). Appraisal orders placed through the FirstClose system will be completed within 3-8 business days.

    • Flood:

      The FirstClose Report delivers basic and life-of-loan flood zone determinations in seconds from a choice of five different nationally recognized vendors.

    • Potential Add-On and/or A La Carte Services:

      Not everything can be instant. You can add on to your FirstClose Report or these services can be purchased a la carte. Options:

    • Closing and Recordings

      If you need e-recording, courier, or walk-in recordings, we have the solution for you.

    • Income Verification

      When you need verification of income for your borrower, our services can assist you in making more sound lending decisions.

    • Doc Prep

      We’re proud to provide lenders access to customized loan documents that best fit their individual lending needs. Lenders can send, modify, and retrieve loan documents quickly and conveniently. Eliminate re-keying of borrowing documents.

    • Legal and Vesting

      Upgrade to legal and vesting in text format so you’re not having to rekey data from a Deed image; this helps cut the risk of inaccurate information. This service is completed within 1-5 days.

    • Equity Protection Program

      Our Equity Protection Program is an add-on feature that will allow you to loan up to 133% LTV on home improvement loans and 100% on home equity loans. The program will also protect the entire amount of the loan in case of default.

    FirstClose strives for refinance and home equity lending to be as easy and painless as possible by using cutting-edge, patent-pending technology that is backed by trusted industry partnerships to create a world-class solution.

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