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As your ONE source for accelerated property and borrower data intelligence, FirstClose delivers a powerful solution to minimize turn-times and support home equity and refi compliance.

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FirstClose Highlights:

Time and Risk Savings:

Reduce risk with proven, time-tested property and borrower data intelligence solutions preconfigured to minimize turn-times and to support home equity and refi compliance. With instant property and borrower data intelligence, a full suite of solutions and a simplified process, FirstClose users have seen a 40% reduction in turn-times and significant cost savings leveling the playing field for lenders of all sizes.


FirstClose’s advanced technology combined with years of mortgage banking experience delivers a holistic home equity and refi solution with built-in compliance rules and in-depth audit trails. FirstClose’s seamless integrations with industry best-of-breed vendors, combined with dynamic workflow rules, work together to minimize risks associated with remaining in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Flexible Data Management:

The FirstClose solution has been designed with flexibility in mind. We know that your business demands change and our solution is set up to match and enhance your underwriting guidelines. Use our web interface or integrate into your existing (LOS) system.

Customer Satisfaction:

Enhance your borrowers’ experience and improve customer retention by providing your LO’s with a powerful web app and LOS plugin that is the industry’s first and only home equity and refi tool that offers everything from application to servicing (credit score, valuation, title, tax, flood, closing and recording) on one easy-to-navigate platform specifically to designed to simplify today’s lending complexities for lenders of all sizes.

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Client | Since switching to the FirstClose Report in Q4 2015, we have enjoyed significant cost savings, and our turn-times have been reduced dramatically.

Carolyn Middleton, SVP Director of Consumer Bank Credit Approval and Fulfillment at Umpqua Bank