FirstClose Express Now Available!

FirstClose Now Offers Home Equity Lenders the Opportunity to Receive Instant Title, Flood and Valuation Data from Top Premier Vendors for as Low as $75!

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FirstClose Solution Benefits:

Time and Risk Savings:

Reduce risk with proven, time-tested property and borrower data intelligence solutions preconfigured to minimize turn-times and to support home equity and refi compliance.

Reduce Costs:

With instant property and borrower data intelligence, a full suite of solutions and a simplified process, FirstClose users have seen a 40% reduction in turn-times and significant cost savings leveling the playing field for lenders of all sizes.

Ease of Use:

When using FirstClose, there is no reason to worry about today’s complex home equity and refi lending environment ever again. FirstClose significantly reduces turn-times, increases production, and maximizes vendor management, so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

Bottom Line:

Seek a partner that can deliver the industry’s first and only home equity and refi tool that offers everything from application to servicing on one easy-to-navigate platform, simplifying today’s lending complexities, so that you can focus on your business and bottom line.

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Expert | By empowering vendor partners to integrate their solution into our product suite, we’re giving our clients access to a wider variety of services to meet their needs, including new categories like borrower asset verification and document aggregation.

Trevor Gauthier, President and COO, Mortgage Cadence