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FirstClose offers various valuation options to fit any lender underwriting guidelines based on FICO score, loan amount, and other criteria.

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Valuation Options:


Most basic automated valuation report. This will provide you with instant results and is recommended for most loans. We can help you run tests to select the best model for you or cascade your AVMs through several different models to deliver the highest quality.

Desktop Valuations:

Want a closer look? The Desktop Valuation will be reviewed by our internal team of evaluation specialists to ensure a stronger valuation.

Hybrid Valuation:

USPAP compliant services can be an alternative to traditional services such as 2055s and 1004s at much lower costs and a quicker turnaround times.

Property Condition Report:

Need eyes on the property? This service is typically added onto an AVM or a Desktop Valuation to give you current photos and condition of the property. It also includes a PCR with AVMs to keep you in compliance.

Full Appraisal:

You can use our approved AMC Vendors or FirstClose can upload your own list of appraisers.

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