FirstClose Announces All Services Moving to the Cloud

Austin, Texas, April 8, 2019 – FirstClose, a leading provider of technology solutions for mortgage lenders nationwide, today announced that all FirstClose services are now cloud-based.

On April, 8, FirstClose officially moved its entire home equity and refi suite of offerings over to Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. This migration to the cloud brings a host of benefits.

By migrating all services to the cloud, FirstClose is able to more easily keep up with constantly growing customer demands. It also enables FirstClose to better align with our existing customers’ seasonality requirements and will scale their operations up or down according to fluctuating business needs. The FirstClose services will consistently be there as needed when needed.

The new cloud infrastructure also provides increased security, as it enables FirstClose to keep up with the latest advancements in cybersecurity without the hardware or physical infrastructure complexities. FirstClose is able to back up data regularly and automatically to a safe location online providing enhanced business continuity. With this system, users will no longer have to wait for FirstClose to upgrade hardware or make any changes. This greatly diminishes, and in most cases, eliminates the need for maintenance windows. This means more accessibility for the user.

“Our migration to the cloud is just another way we are streamlining the loan origination process. Our services are now even safer and easier to access, bringing added assurance and convenience to our valued customers,” said Pat Downing, Chief Technology Officer of FirstClose. “We are dedicated to making sure we always provide our customers with the best experience, and we are confident that this choice will greatly benefit both borrowers and lenders moving forward.”