The innovative FirstClose Report can now deliver instant verification services through Equifax at the click of a button. Our integration allows FirstClose clients to be able to verify income in real time and also be able to order these ancillary services provided through Equifax.


The FirstClose Report instantly delivers:

• Title Search
• Valuation
• Life of Loan Flood Certification
• Property Tax Status
• Copy of the Deed
• Integrated with EQUIFAX to provide Verification Services: Instant Income & Employment Verification through The Work Number Database, and Tax Filing Transcripts (This requires a direct relationship between client and Equifax)
• And Much More…

If you’re interested in learning more about how this FirstClose ONE integration with the Equifax Verification Services helps you reduce turn-times and costs, schedule a discovery call with our team.

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Leadership | FirstClose solutions, both through our web interface and our LOS integrations, offers lenders the efficiency and cost reduction tools needed to stay competitive in today’s market place. With the increasing regulations coming out of Washington, it's important for lenders to find new and improved ways to stay compliant, while keeping closing costs and turn-times to a minimum.

Patrick McClain, CFO/COO, FirstClose