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Drive consumer engagement & conversions from anywhere, anytime with the FirstClose ONE’s Digital Lending Platform.


FirstClose ONE



Loan approval has never been easier.

FirstClose ONE’s EquityIQ™ is the first and only home equity calculator and application management system fully integrated with lender’s LOS.

  • Provides a world-class borrower experience utilizing customized application pages with instant loan approvals.
  • Automatically identifies borrowers’ available home equity and estimated monthly payments.
  • Reduces internal resources by decreasing the time to review and filter qualified applicants.
  • As a borrower onboarding tool, FirstClose ONE’s EquityIQ will instantly submit all borrower information directly into the LOS platform.


FirstClose ONE Platform

Faster lending with the award-winning automation of FirstClose ONE.

FirstClose specializes in delivering the industry’s first and ONLY home lending solution that offers everything from application to servicing (credit, valuation, title, tax, flood, closing, and recording) on ONE easy-to-navigate platform.




Our services are used by hundreds of lenders nationwide.


ONE Platform
no need to go to several sites and get
bogged down with a lot of data entry.


ONE Customized Report
all the information you need to close
a loan in on one easy to read report.


ONE Customer Service Department
one dedicated account manager to
service all your order outs.


Equifax® Verification Services


ONE Agreement
gives you access to our entire network
of products and services.


ONE Invoice
easy to reconcile all your orders.


FirstClose ONE automation includes:



Automated Ordering

We take efficiency to an entirely new level by mimicking your product ordering matrix. Lenders are able to configure their account to evaluate key loan characteristics such as Loan Amount, LTV and FICO. Once configured, the system will automatically select what products and services are ordered under each loan scenario. No need to refer to a matrix to determine what products or services to order, users can just input key data and the system will assign the applicable configuration of products and services.

• Fully automate current underwriting guidelines
• Automatically select the correct products and services based on loan scenario
• Backward compatible for current FirstClose ONE users


SMART Select

The ultimate in title automation. SMART Select will create an INSTANT title search when data is available. When data is limited, our SMART technology will auto select the best title search provider based on price, turn-time and accuracy for your lending footprint.


The FirstClose Report

Combined all of this automation into one singular, easy-to-read report, bundling your common services, including valuation, life-of-loan flood certification, credit reporting, income & employment verification, and title services — instantaneously. Each FirstClose Report can be tailored to each of your unique loan fulfillment guidelines and matrices.


Suitability Logic

A proprietary method that uses real-time property data, geo location, and market conditions to determine the most suitable valuation and title products for each loan scenario. Where standard valuation automation focuses on loan details in valuation selection, suitability logic is centered on property data.

The suitability logic is applied at order time, which cuts the “stare-and-compare” process completely out of the equation. This type of logic means that no one must sacrifice customer experience, quality or accuracy in the name of productivity.

Automated decisioning that can “think” like the lender transforms property data into property data intelligence, creating a win-win situation for borrowers and lenders.



Designed for lenders who are currently managing their own panel of appraisers, this feature allows lenders to place orders to their panel of appraisers while remaining compliant with the Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR). GeoLogic also encourages that each appraisal order is assigned to an appraisal vendor based on geographic location of borrower.


Advanced Reporting

Take your reporting to the next level. The reports are fully customizable and interactive which allows for fast and easy data mining.