Streamline home equity loan fulfillment with the most evolved end-to-end LoansPQ solution ever built by human-kind!

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The FirstClose LoansPQ solution is a game-changer for the Home Equity lending market.

FirstClose’s revolutionary integration delivers best-in-class property data and intelligence to banks, mortgage companies and credit unions nationwide. Originally designed as an aggregator of automated settlement services, the company has evolved to include sophisticated logic designed to provide everything lenders require to originate a loan in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. With one-click access and 2-way data flow from within LoansPQ users have seen a 40% reduction in turn-times and significant cost savings, enabling them to dramatically outperform their competitors.

Simplified Vendor Management & Due Diligence

By consolidating vendors and products on one platform, FirstClose makes it easy to identify and repair the gaps where lender profits can be maximized. FirstClose evaluates where vendors are underperforming and provides instant options that are a better fit. This allows lenders to speed up turn-times, reduce origination costs, and increase overall productivity.

With the flexibility of the FirstClose platform, coupled with the FirstClose Master Service Agreement, lenders can easily swap providers with a click of a button— no new vendor contract negotiations, no vetting, no minimums, no more due diligence headaches.

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Client | We are delighted to partner with FirstClose. As CEO, my philosophy is to work smarter, not harder. This product allows us to minimize the time spent on preparing a loan for underwriting. We are excited to have this feature available for our lending department.

Janet H. Tidwell, CEO, Holston Methodist Credit Union