With NXTsoft and FirstClose your digital transformation can be quick and seamless. In the new reality that is reshaping markets, industries, and customer interactions, accelerating digital is vital to survive and thrive.

FirstClose ONE™, an award-winning SaaS solution, built by our in-house software engineering teams, combines everything from loan application to closing (credit, valuation, title, tax, flood, income verification, automated decisioning, closing, and recording) on ONE easy-to-navigate platform for residential lending. Together with NXTsoft, the FirstClose ONE™ platform leverages core system data, property data, borrower provided data, and industry-leading partners to simplify vendor management by consolidating vendors within ONE platform. FirstClose enables lenders to compete for and close mortgage and consumer loans, unlike any other industry solution.

In addition, we deliver simplified vendor management by consolidating vendors and products on this one platform. FirstClose makes it easy to identify and repair the gaps where lender profits can be maximized in addition to providing lending consulting and best practices.

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Leadership | FirstClose solutions, both through our web interface and our LOS integrations, offers lenders the efficiency and cost reduction tools needed to stay competitive in today’s market place. With the increasing regulations coming out of Washington, it's important for lenders to find new and improved ways to stay compliant, while keeping closing costs and turn-times to a minimum.

Patrick McClain, CFO/COO, FirstClose