FirstClose ONE helps facilitate a better user and lender experience through better communication.

The FirstClose ONE system allows borrowers to upload their own documents for lender conditions.  The system also enhances the user experience by providing additional options for RON closings, contact-less curbside closings, electronic signatures, and more.

The FirstClose ONE system automates and enhances the lender experience by capturing and populating all of the data collected from the prospective borrowers into the lender’s LOS as leads regardless of how far they went in the origination process. It also populates all of the settlement services data into the LOS upon completion of the orders with pdf copies of the reports and all of the data elements, including full legal descriptions, vesting information, the value of the homes, etc.

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Benefits of FirstClose Solution:

  • Increased automation
  • Decreased loan closing times
  • Integrated with Loan Origination Systems
  • Reduced human error and duplicate data entry
  • Consolidated vendors
  • Scalable solutions for borrower demand
  • Standardized workflow
  • Improved consumer relationships
  • Minimal training needed for platform usage

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Client | We are delighted to partner with FirstClose. As CEO, my philosophy is to work smarter, not harder. This product allows us to minimize the time spent on preparing a loan for underwriting. We are excited to have this feature available for our lending department.

Janet H. Tidwell, CEO, Holston Methodist Credit Union