Increase Your Margins, Efficiency & Reduce Costs With The FirstClose Web App or LOS Plugin!

FirstClose users have seen 40% reductions in turn-time and significant soft and hard cost savings

Watch our short video to learn more about the FirstClose web app and LOS plugin:

Service Highlights:

Time, Cost, and Risk Savings:

Compress your turn times and eliminate duplicate data entry across the entire loan process within a single solution. Aggregate all of your vendors and leverage our outstanding volume discounts. Our lenders experience about 40% savings on each and every loan.

Automated & Escalated Valuations:

FirstClose will provide you with an instant valuation (AVM) or you can automatically escalate your valuation to a PCR, Desktop, Drive-by, or a Full Appraisal.

Flexible Data Management:

The FirstClose solution has been designed with flexibility in mind. We know that your business demands change and our solution is set up to match and enhance your underwriting guidelines. Use our web app or plugin to your existing (LOS) system.

Instant & Escalated Property Report (Title Results):

FirstClose delivers all of your critical Title information and more. We even back our results with the protection and security you need when underwriting your home equity and refinance loans. Escalate your instant results automatically when needed.

Efficiency & Choice:

Consolidate all of your settlement services on one platform. Order Appraisal, Valuation and Flood services all at the click of a button. Choose from our library of regional and national vendors or keep your own.

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Expert | Our lenders can depend on the data they get from FirstClose, they can validate in our system very, very quickly. And that gives us, what I think, is efficiency.

Walter Hoffmann, Strategic Alliance Director, CRIF Lending Solutions