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Closing & Recordings

FirstClose offers a variety of closing and recording services that can be tailored to a specific lending footprint.

Notary Closing

When lenders need a signing agent to complete a transaction, let FirstClose know. FirstClose can arrange this meeting with the correct professionals through their network of service providers.

Attorney/Escrow Closing

Need to conduct an attorney or escrow closing? FirstClose will work with their network of service providers to arrange the appropriate meeting.


FirstClose's e-recording capabilities are growing county by county, and for those in which it’s available, lenders can record their loans electronically in a quick and easy process.

Walk-In Recording

FirstClose has a network of providers that let lenders record security instruments like mortgages.

Bulk Recording

Send FirstClose the Deeds of Trusts or mortgages, and they will record them quickly for lenders in bulk through their partner provider.

Leadership | FirstClose solutions, both through our web interface and our LOS integrations, offers lenders the efficiency and cost reduction tools needed to stay competitive in today’s market place. With the increasing regulations coming out of Washington, it's important for lenders to find new and improved ways to stay compliant, while keeping closing costs and turn-times to a minimum.

Patrick McClain, CFO/COO, FirstClose