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Digital Consumer Point-of-Sale Application: Drive consumer engagement & conversions from ANYWHERE…ANYTIME

Loan approval has never been easier than with FirstClose ONE’s Digital Lending Platform


  • FirstClose ONE’s Digital Lending Platform is the first and only home equity calculator and application management system fully integrated with lenders LOS
  • Provides a world-class borrower experience utilizing customized application pages with instant loan approvals
  • Automatically identifies borrowers available home equity and estimated monthly payments
  • Reduces internal resources by decreasing the time to review and filter qualified applicants
  • As a borrower on-boarding tool, FirstClose ONE’s Digital Lending Platform will instantly submit all borrower information directly into the LOS platform

Client | Since switching to the FirstClose Report in Q4 2015, we have enjoyed significant cost savings, and our turn-times have been reduced dramatically.

Carolyn Middleton, SVP Director of Consumer Bank Credit Approval and Fulfillment at Umpqua Bank