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Increase Home Equity Applications

The First Home Equity Lead Generation Integration into Lenders LOS

Loan approval has never been easier than with EquityIQ™

  • EquityIQ™ is the first and only home equity lead generation tool and application management system fully integrated with lenders LOS
  • Drives existing and new borrowers to a customized application pages
  • Automatically identifies borrowers available home equity and estimated monthly payments
  • Reduces internal resources by decreasing the time to review and filter qualified applicants
  • As a lead generation tool, EquityIQ™ will instantly submit all borrower information directly into the LoansPQ platform

Client | We experienced cost savings not only with product order placement, but also with the total cost of doing business. Not to mention, the reduction in closing time itself has also been a very significant area of savings.

Mike McNabb, VP of Consumer Lending, Langley FCU