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FirstClose Report

In today’s lending environment, mortgage loan fulfillment is all about leveraging property and borrower data to reduce costs and improve turn times while closing loans faster. Credit, valuation, flood, tax and title data is compiled into one easy-to-read report and returned within 30 seconds.

We are transforming loan fulfillment through borrower & property intelligence. Schedule a discovery call with one of our specialists to find out more.

FirstClose Report features

The FirstClose Report Includes:

  • Instant Title Search
  • Property Valuation
  • Life of Loan Flood Certification
  • Property Tax Status
  • Copy of the Deed
  • Integrated with EQUIFAX to provide Verification Services: Instant Income & Employment Verification through the Work Number Database, and Tax Filling Transcripts
  • And much more...

Client | Turn-time has significantly reduced over the year. I believe it’s dropped almost seven days, so it’s been a pretty big gain from that. We’ve been able to reduce our days-to-close roughly from 40 days down to about 30 days.

Josh Hurley, Lending Supervisor, Umpqua Bank