Verisite allows borrowers to take their own Property Condition Report photos, eliminating the need for appraiser contact

FirstClose helps lenders even in the most challenging of market conditions with the release of latest product innovations called Verisite.  Available now, borrowers can submit current interior and exterior photos in the Verisite App to speed up the collateral approvals while helping lenders reduce risk in lending transactions with Geo-Location tags.

This convenient approach not only leverages the homeowner in the eValution process, but dramatically reduces turn-time and eliminates the need to schedule an appraiser or property inspector.

Here’s how it works.

Receive a text message and download the app. Open the app and enter your Cell Phone number.

Build your orders: select kitchen, dining room, bathroom, master bedroom photos and details, or whatever aspects of the site you want.

Send orders from Appraisal Firewall to anyone with a mobile phone.

Order requests are sent by text to the mobile number and email address you enter on the order.

Property Data Collector quickly installs Verisite app for iPhone or Android operating systems.

Once in the app, Property Data Collectors cannot upload any pictures except for the pictures taken while in the Verisite app.

Default geolocation functionality in mobile phones verifies photos are of the site you want.

No cell coverage? No problem. All Verisite app users/Property Data Collectors attest that they are at the property you want.

Once completed, Property Data Collector sends you photos and descriptions for review in Appraisal Firewall.

Approve or edit the order to send back to the user for more information.

Once approved, decide which photos and descriptions are best, and assemble your report.

Generate a deliverable report with your selected pictures and descriptions that includes a map of subject property, plus pinpoints of where photos were taken at the property.

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Expert | By empowering vendor partners to integrate their solution into our product suite, we’re giving our clients access to a wider variety of services to meet their needs, including new categories like borrower asset verification and document aggregation.

Trevor Gauthier, President and COO, Mortgage Cadence